Grilling has never been this easy.

The Perfect Burn.

Quickly obtain the perfect coal temperature everytime with your Primero, without the need for any additional fuel aids. Simply load the integrated charcoal starter with coal or briquettes and then set alight the firelighter (or your ignition material of choice) in the Primero ignition compartment. In just 20 minutes, you would have reached your optimal grilling temperature.

Vaustil Primero - Smart Grill
Vaustil Primero Rost - Smart Grill

At The Forefront Of Healthy Grilling.

Through a unique V-profile grate design, liquids released from food are ingeniously discouraged away from dripping onto glowing coals. This prevents the formation and build-up of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances, which can be deposited on food or inhaled with smoke.

Vaustil Primero - Smart Grill

Raising the Bar.

After that perfect taste? You’ll need the right grilling temperature. Primero offers an even distribution of constant heat. Using an intuitive height adjustment mechanism, the V-profile grate can be set to the ideal grilling heights to obtain that perfect exposure to the heat below. This way, Primero exercises convenient flexibility across multiple food groups, matching these to your glowing embers.

Safety You Can Feel.

The outer surfaces of Primero grills are isolated, protecting against unnecessary burns at festive and family gatherings. With Primero, heat is distributed where it should be, and not where it shouldn’t.

Vaustil Primero - Smart Grill
Vaustil Primero - Smart Grill

As Easy As 1,2,… Clean!

Done with your grill duties? Simply open and clear burned debris from the conveniently positioned ashtray on your Primero grill.

vaustil Specifications


  • Design by
    Christoph Hermann & Joachim Kornauth
  • Colour
    Satin matt
  • Grill Dimensions
    760 mm x 495 mm x 870 mm
  • Grate Dimensions
    580 mm x 360 mm
  • Grate Height Adjustment
    0-180 mm
  • Max. Grate Temperature
    450° Celcius
  • Outer Housing Material
  • Inner Housing Material
    Coated Stainless Steal
  • Grate Material
    Stainless Steal
  • Max. Coal Load
    5 Kilogramm