Unhealthy grilling - How to avoid it.
The biggest challenges while grilling - Part 4:

Unhealthy grilling

Burned meat

The dangers of high temperatures are often underestimated. Too much heat and long cooking times can cause real health problems. Charred spots on the food contain many HCA (heterocyclic aromatic amines). These are produced during any heating of amino acids, proteins and protein-containing foods, including when grilling and frying meat and fish. Black spots should therefore always be removed.

Dripping meat

The carcinogen “Benzpyrene” is especially carcinogenic. It emerges when a cigarette is smoked or when fat or marinades drip into glowing ember. You can recognize the carcinogenic toxin on the bluish smoke, which gets either inhaled, or gets eaten with the grilled food. You can prevent Benzpyrene easily by drying marinades and greasy meat carefully before heating it up, or use special grill cups.

The new barbecue revolution

The company vaustil specialized themselves in revolutionizing grilling with charcoal. Among innovation, safety and health are priority for the company. The V-shaped grate of the flagship product, “El Primero”, is therefore designed to direct liquids into a removable juice jar. Thus, the emergence of carcinogenic substances gets prevented and the collected juices can be used to prepare fantastic barbecue sauces.

In order to reduce the risk of burns after and during grilling, the “El Primero” has been built with a double-wall, so that the outside walls remain cool, even during the grilling process.

In addition, the grill has a built-in charcoal starter. The entire lighting process takes place inside the grill. Thus, the ember stays in the grill and sparks as well as falling out coal pieces are avoided. Due to its properties, the “El Primero” is perfectly qualified as a city and family grill.

The smart version of the grill also offers intelligent support for the ideal barbecue temperature. The integrated sensors continuously provide the connected smartphone with real-time information about current temperatures at the grate. As a result, the vaustil App recommends how the grate should be positioned in order to achieve the ideal grilling temperature. Thus, users always have an overview of the current grilling temperatures and can optimize meat, vegetables and the temperature perfectly to the respective requirements.