Why we use sensors and an App for Primero Smart.
Primero Smart

Why we use sensors and an App for Primero Smart.

The most important success factor when grilling is the right temperature. Many grill models therefore have a temperature display or people use external tools.
Especially when grilling with charcoal, estimating the right temperature is particularly challenging. The reason for this is due to the properties of the material used (charcoal or briquettes and their heat curves) and the distribution of coal in the combustion chamber.
During the development of our smart functions, we have addressed the temperature topic intensively and found that the temperatures within a blaze differ greatly and are not visually detectable.
The main reasons for this are the different sizes and location of the individual charcoal or briquette pieces. In our measurements, we discovered that – even with an even distribution of the blaze – temperature differences are up to 100 ° Celsius.
We did our measurements with up to 16 platinum sensors (PT1000) over many months and ignitions. We recorded and evaluated the results with a state-of-the-art development software for matrices calculation. From this we determinded 3D temperature profiles.
The graph below illustrates the different temperature zones of a conventional blaze.
In this, the temperature differences are more than 180 ° Celsius. For example, the differences between Zone T9 and T3 are particularly interesting: Optically not detectable, the temperature difference is almost 60 ° Celcius.


Our smart version of the grill is equipped with a total of seven temperature sensors. These show a live overview of seven different zones. This allows the grill master an even more accurate adaptation of the correct height of the grate, amount of air or coal or the respective food to be grilled.
If desired, users can activate a grill assistant, which derives recommendations from the live data.